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Sound & Lighting

                            Sound & Lighting Group Members

                   Music/Microphones/Sound Effects - Meetings/Parties/Events
                                              Bob Kuhns, Fred Puhlfuerst, Lloyd Kelsey  
                                                       Polly Brown, Rick Lubich
                                                            Stuart Berman
                                                           Jeff Lessmiller

                                                          Lighting effects
                            Pat Patterson-(239) 567-0692, Chuck Provolone-(815) 979-3467

Sound & Lighting meetings has moved to first Tuesday of the month at 11:00 a.m. in the Card Room

If you are sponsoring an event and need any S/L equipment please contact Jeff Lessmiller at
813-699-9248 or email [email protected] at least one week prior to your event.

Sound Team is looking for a couple of residents with some experience in audio/video recording to help record/video some of the events at Tara Woods for the purpose of preserving the events for others to see in the future.  Some of the events we are requested to video are for the Entertainers' annual play and the chorus' annual shows.  We have, on occasion, recorded other functions.

We are also in need of someone who has the software and likes to dabble in A/V editing that will eventually be converted onto a DVD.  (This production skill is desperately needed by the middle of March)

If you have the knowledge and are willing to give a little of your time, please contact Jeff Lessmiller at 813-699-9248.

Please contact THIS team only for any usage of sound equipment at least a week in advance so we may
make arrangements to accommodate your needs.

                       ** The equipment we use is owned and maintained by the Sound Team not Hometown/Tara Woods or any other affiliated clubs/teams **