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Community Opportunity Fair

Tara Woods has had 3 Opportunity Fairs, all sponsored by the Homeowners Association of Tara Woods. The first one was in 2016 and the second was 2017. Those that attended, at the time thought that having one and then another the following year was too soon.
This year, 2023 we had another Opportunity Fair. We would have had it earlier but with COVID shutting us all down for a couple of years, we could not. It was a great success. 
We hope to have another Opportunity Fair in 2025, giving a year in-between.
If you are part of a group, club or activity, even though it is early, keep in mind the Opportunity Fair. This is a great way for the population of Tara Woods to know more about what you do and it might encourage them to want to join in, start their own, or just come to watch you and your group have fun in Tara Woods. 
Well that is the plan, and you all know how plans work. So stop back later and see what is developing. Also, keep in mind, we always need to find someone to head this fun event. Let us know if you are interested. Contact anyone on the Board for more information.
Thanks for visiting this site.

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