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Garden Club

The Tara Woods Garden Club has been in existence since 1998
In the years that followed the Garden Club has:
Planted 21 trees including the Royal palms around the pool area
Shrubs around security
Donated a bench on the far side of what was the 3rd lake
Made donations to both ECHO and CROW
Had a guest speaker twice from the University of Florida IFAS extension Mr. Tom Becker ( Florida yard & neighborhood agent )
Made multiple trips to the Riverland Nursery / a trip to Peace River Wildlife center and a trip to the Butterfly Estates in Fort Myers
Partnered with Operation S.O.S. ( Spay Our Strays ) Lee County Domestic animal services
We had many of the stray cats caught and spayed.
The Garden Club is responsible for The Butterfly Garden /The Craft Fair / The Fashion Show / And Trash and Treasure
The monies received from the T&T are used to fund the Butterfly Garden and pay to have The Fashion Show free for all residents of Tara Woods .

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