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Craft Room

Next Tara Woods Quilt group day is Friday, November 17th,9-3 in the meeting room beginners to advance. We have machines to try if you don’t have one. If you want to learn we will help. 

When Maggie Johnston gets back, she will be doing more paint groups. Hopefully in January, Victoria S. if she is available, will try to start jewelry classes.

Anyone interested in starting any type of craft group just let us know.
Recent donations added lots of Christmas things and new evergreen wreaths to decorate. Lots of Christmas ribbons and other ribbons, too. Now’s the time to do your Christmas projects. Also, there are some wood projects to do. Craft room now open all day  enjoy  sign in sheet on the table.

Anyone doing any home craft projects should check to see if the craft room has what you need. Before you spend your money, check the craft room.

We are working on plans to have the craft room open by November, so you don’t have to call to get the door unlocked.  That way you can come and go as you wish.  We have several new green wreaths and decorations. More webbing for making wire wreaths. You will need your own wire frames for now.  Here is a general list of items available for Tara Woods residents to use.

There are woodworking projects; yarn with crochet and knitting needles; sewing tools and patterns, including quilt patterns; tons on embroidery and sewing threads; loomsto do yarn projects; sewing machine; paints; glue and glue guns; felt, paper, rubber stamps, craft projects, buttons,zippers, binding, lace, craft kits, tape, wires for flower arrangements, tons of ribbon, gift bags, tags, bows and bow maker; styrofoam, beads for making jewelry; sequins. Bedazzled rometsê; shells, sea stones, plastic canvas, beveled glass, stained glass paint and liquid lead; plastic fruit and a variety of Christmas decorations.  

Come and explore. If you can’t find it then ask I’ll let you know. There are plans to have the Craft Room open dailyby November so you can work on Christmas projects.
On leaving the craft room please clean up your work area. Vacuum if needed and clean the sink. Please turn out the lights and shut the door. Do not lock the door so the nextguest may get in to use the room. Ar2Q5r7D1nT6PQLs.jpeg

Marie Ortiz-Peidlow 630-414-6406 and myself Lynn Porter 239-599-4888 are available for questions