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Craft Room

Needed instructors to teach new craft classes:
Upcoming January 28 th at club house find Marie and I at a table to sign up to teach a class on a craft projects.
Find out about the craft room .  Gifts with sign up. Also sign up for anyone interested to start a quilt group. 

Need people to head classes for jewelry making, knitting or crocheting , wreath making, Cricut Machine instructions, quilting, sewing, or anything else you may have talents in  crafting  that you can help others learn. Can be a short one day class, weekly or monthly  I went to the craft fair so I know there are crafters out there. 

craft room is also available for to use to work on a project .  Available supplies, craft kits. Sewing machines,serger. Fabric,cutting board and tools, needles,trim,lace,binding, irons and ironing board. Yarn and kitting and crochet hooks. Shells. Glue and glue sticks. Paint, jewley making beads ect.  Wood working wood burner, card making and ink stamps, flower making supplies. Pom poms, appliqué press on and eye balls, ribbon,felt, so much. Come discover for yourself. Use your imagination and have fun. 2 tables if your putting together a quilt.  6 chairs set up.  Good donations for craft room welcome. 

Just contact me  Lynn @ 239-599-4888.  Marie Ortiz-Peidlow @ 630-414-6406