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Aging Well Information Resources

Aging Well Information Resources Formerly Neighbors Helping Neighbors’ mission is to be an INFORMATIONAL RESOURCE for services that are available in Lee County that would meet the needs of Tara Woods residents.


Peter Krilivsky     (603)493-8891            Nancy Schoeppner (239)599-4717    

Beverly Swanson (239)823-4685             Marge Datz        (518)332-5452

Claire Schwinn    (847)602-3390             Dianne Lemay       (413)635-9048  Chairperson     

Pat Downs          (908)770-0358             

Celia Blotkamp    (703)863-29973           Janet Bezler   (573)489-5481

Lorraine Quinn   (804) 898-0594            Carol Schnepp Board Liaison (239)357-3526  

                                                               Lou Dunning Board Pres (239)240-5847

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