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Hello to everyone from the Entertainers.
Knowing you all are missing the ARTS in your life and you are searching for something to fill those hours at home when you are not cleaning and straightening out your closets; might I suggest "Tiny_Theatre"
Rachel and Brendan Powers from the Florida Rep are professional actors who cannot do what they love to do right now. They have found a way to express themselves in their art and at the same time have an audience without breaking the social guidelines we all must adhere to at this time.
On Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9 PM watch Tiny Theatre, just type "Tiny_Theatre" on Facebook or go to to watch 1/2 hour or so of entertainment. They will perform a reading of scenes from a play or very short plays that have been sent to them by playwriters around the country. 
This is not the same as being in the dark of a theater, but it is what we have to work with at this time. 

Let me know if you watch and what you think about it. 
Thanks, Pat Dunning, Publicity for the Entertainers