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Hello to everyone from the Entertainers.
 So for those interested in all things involving the Entertainers: We are rehearsing, on Monday 9 to 11 AM. Our play will be 2 radio programs performed as a play. They are from 1949/1950 time period. We welcomed several new people to join our regular cast and we are all looking forward to March 2021 when we go under the lights with our production.
If the same protocol applies in March, we will be physical distancing our audience along with the cast on stage. So due to the smaller number of people allowed in the clubhouse, we have decided to perform an additional show - a Sunday Matinee along with the Friday and Saturday night performances. More information about the shows will be available to you in February, so stay tuned. In the meantime, if you have any questions, we can be reached at the following numbers --- Janet can be reached at 239=567=2285.
Thanks, Pat Dunning, Publicity for the Entertainers