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Hello to everyone from the Entertainers.                                        updated August 10, 2023        
The play "DADDY"S GIRL" by Gary Ray Stapp/ Published by Heuer is going to be on our stage on 
March 8, 2024 Friday at 7 PM
March 9, 2024 Saturday at 7 PM
March 10,2024 Sunday at 2 PM
       On the 25th anniversary of his wife's death, for Benard life continues as usual. His customers are quirky and he is grumpy, so life is normal.
His waitress, Betsy is quite the problem employee. Then there is shirtless Bob who is troublesome as ever. Today begins as usual...but then things go awry.
Be sure to come to one of our performances to see Benard deal with quirky customers and a problem he has been dealing with for 25 years. This is a funny and very touching comedy that we know you will love and laugh at.

If you are new to the community, The Entertainers are a group of residents that join together each year to put on a show in March. We meet Monday and Thursday AM for rehearsal. We use people without any experience on stage, back stage, for make-up, costumes, stage building, prop creation, shifting of props etc. There are a myriad of positions required to create a show and we certainly will be able to find one for you! All you need to do is call and ask... 

If you are interested in joining us on or off stage for next year's production, or for more information about us, contact Janet Daly at 239-567-2285 or me at the number below. 
Thanks, Pat Dunning, Publicity and Stage Manager for the Entertainers