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Silver Alert

Our Silver Alert Committee, a TWHOA Board related group, 
is ready to go, however, we still need more
volunteers, especially those residents that may live here year round.
Call Donna Tribeck 239-357-3333 or Peter Krilivsky 603-493-8891 for more information.
The committee is captained by Donna Tribeck with Stu Berman
as co-captain. In the event of one of your loved ones wander off
the safety of their home and are a danger to themselves, please
call the office at 239-731-1011 and alert them as to name and
description of the resident. The office will then alert Donna to
activate her team and send out a “one call” message to the
residents, alerting them to also be on the lookout. With everyone’s
cooperation hopefully the wanderer will be found safe.
If Donna cannot be reached, Stu Berman 239-220-2369 will be
the contact person.
After office hours, please contact Donna or Stu first. They will
notify the team and then Angie Cummins, Park Manager, through
her emergency number, 239-336- 9297, so that the telephone
alert could be sent.
Simple but effective. The program could save lives.

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