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New York/New Jersey Club


If you are from New York or New Jersey, you are welcome to attend our monthly dinners, meetings and special events.  Please contact [email protected] to be put on our e-mail list to receive all info and club updates.

Meetings/Events 2021-2022
Save the dates!

Monday, September 6: 1:00pm  Host Labor Day Party
Saturday, October 9:  5:00pm  Welcome Back!  
Sunday, November 7: 5:00pm - Hosted by Dorothy & John Andrus
Saturday, November 27: 9:00am - Christmas decorating at the clubhouse
Sunday, December 5:  5:00pm - Christmas meeting hosted by the Burts' & ?
Sunday, January 2, 2022: 5:00pm hosted by Mary & Bill Nothnagel & Carole & Ken Clark
Saturday, January 8: 9:00am Christmas un-decorating at the clubhouse
Friday, February 4: 4:00pm - Nite at the Races, hosted by Janet Daly & Club
Saturday, March 5: 5:00pm hosted by Marge, Bar
t & Eileen & Steve Robinson
Saturday, April 23: 12:00noon  Out to lunch, coordinated by Karen Finkle

Sign-up sheets for
each event are posted on the Club bulletin board in the clubhouse.