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New York/New Jersey Club

If you are from New York or New Jersey, you are welcome to attend our monthly dinners/meetings. 

Friday, February 7 at 4:00PM, the Club is hosting "A Nite At The Races" for the community.  This is a fun evening featuring a DVD of actual horse races from anonymous tracks around the country.  Hot Dogs, Soft Pretzels, Ice Cream cups will be for sale. There are still spots to fill to help out that evening.

Sign up for our March meeting on
the Club bulletin board in the clubhouse.  On Saturday, March 7 at 5:00PM we will be enjoying  "Appetizers and Desserts".  The phone number of the host is on the sign-up sheet if you have any questions.  At this meeting, we will be looking for members to host our meetings next season.  Please consider volunteering to host one of the six meetings, starting in October.

We hope you will join us!