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Sympathy to the family and friends of those residents who have passed away.

Howie Jacobs passed away August 7th
No further details are available at this time.

Karen Fortin passed away July 29
Cards can be sent to:
John Fortin
2997 Tara Lakes Circle
N. Ft. Myers, FL  33917

Jack Boylan passed away July 7 in Ohio
Cards can be sent to:
Waneta Godfrey
167 Hawthorne Drive
Brooklyn, MI. 49230

He will be cremated in OH and ashes taken to MI.
Memorial service in MI at a later 

Howard Gross’ mom (Molly) passed away 6-29.
Cards may be sent to
19577 Charleston Circle
N. Ft. Myers, FL 33917

Our thoughts to the residents who are resting and recovering.

Belle Berman is recovering at home following hospitalization for complications of hiatal hernia surgery.  She is slowly improving and would love to hear from you.  Send cards to19267 Potomac Circle.

Nancy Latimer fell crushing both knees, using walker to get around.  No surgery planned for now.

Richard Sick, son of Rita Sick who passed away recently would like cards sent to him at:
7421 Eagle Ridge Circle
FT. Worth, Tx 76179

Please let me know of any in the community who may be in need of some cheer at this time.

Stay well,

Nancy Wuebbeler

Email:  [email protected]

(239) 245-7575