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Sympathy to the family and friends of those residents who have passed away.

Ruth Imgard Sperl passed away
Long time resident Ruth Irmgard Sperl was found in her home by a neighbor.  Apparently, she had passed away a few days earlier.  Mrs. Sperl lived alone, there are no relatives that anyone knows of.  She will be buried in Arlington next to her husband. An attorney will see to details.

Tony Perre passed away September 15th
Tony passed away after a long illness. Funeral service will be held in Long Island.  
A mass for Tony will be held at St. Terese church on October 21 at 11:00 AM with memorial reception following in  the Clubhouse immediately after the mass or approximately 12:00 noon. For those wishing to attend, there is a sign up sheet on the bulletin board in the sunshine area.  


Our thoughts to the residents who are resting and recovering.

Please let me know of any in the community who may be in need of some cheer at this time.

Stay well,

Nancy Wuebbeler

Email:  [email protected]

(239) 245-7575