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Spanning The Decades Part II

Well here it is, the end of our 2nd season together. Thank you New Image Chorus for your dedication and passion. Without you there would be no show. Thanks to Stu Berman for emceeing the show, Spanning The Decades Part II! Special Thanks to:
  • The Sound & Lighting Crew
  • Carol McGowan for all the extra hours spent with the specialty acts
  • Polly Brown for her invaluable assistance with many clerical issues, distribution of music and production assistance. 
  • All those that helped with copying the sheet music
  • Ticket Sellers, Takers & Ushers
  • Hall set up
  • Wayne Cox for the Poster, design, tickets & programs
  • Ron Proulx, Mark Van Ort, Spike Makia, & Chick Jakacki for transporting the risers. 
  • All volunteers!